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Get quick access to your favorite apps, just when you need them.

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Just arrived at the office. Your productivity apps await you.

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Feeling like working out? Here are your fitness apps!

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Bluetooth Connection SPORT

Aaaah, finally at home. Time for some entertainment.

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WiFi Connection HOME


Sloth Launcher is a contextual overlay launcher for Android.
It gives you quick access to your favorite apps just when you need them.
It features an intuitive user interface in the Material Design look.

Eight different Trigger types

Create your own scenarios using WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Headset, Charging, Calling, Time and Tasker Intent Triggers.

Theme Editor

Customize your Sloth Launcher overlay to match your style. Change colors, sizes and spacing to create your unique theme.

trigger types


avatar | image by Sergiodelgado | CC BY-SA 3.0
John Slow
I guess I like it, but I don’t know nothin’ ...
avatar | image by Jsfouche | CC BY-SA 3.0
Yes, Darling, it looks nice, but I really don’t know what this whole internet thing is about.
avatar | image by Christian Mehlführer | CC BY 2.5
Totally not a fake reviewer
Wow, amazing. By far the best app I have ever used!
* The testimonials may be partially or entirely fictional and made up.

Download Sloth Launcher

Sloth Launcher is available for free on Google Play.
It runs on all Android™ Phones with Android 4.0+

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